Meetings, agendas and minutes

In this section you can access a wide range of information and documents relating to our decision making processes. You can also find out about forthcoming meetings and decisions.

Meeting information

Information regarding Council meetings. You can find the agendas, reports and minutes from any of our previous meetings. Information is also provided on dates of future meetings, and issues that will be discussed at these meetings.


Details of our Councillors, including contact details, memberships, and Register of Interest details.

Council Meeting Stream

Yarra Ranges Council is streaming live video of our Council Meetings, and Special Council Meetings..

How to get involved

It is possible to subscribe to updates in order to receive information via e-mail regarding particular issues and meetings.


What is a committee?

A group of people appointed for a specific function and typically consisting of memers of that group. A committee or 'Council' can delegate some of their decision-making powers to special committees of the council. Members of special committees consist of people who are:

The council always retains countrol over who can be a member and what the committee is empowered to do. Delegations are made at a formal council meeting and specify what the committee is empowered to do. In the case of ELT the delegation to appoint members lies with the CEO.

What is a member?

A member is a person formally appointed to the Committee/Board/Council to sit on or to chair.